Italian Style Ceviche

Sometimes the best way to enjoy fresh seafood is not to heat it to cook it but rather “cook it” with the marinade.

White Bean & Radish Salad


White Bean & Radish Salad:

  • Easy to Make? YES!
  • Healthy? YES!
  • Delicious? YES!

What else do you need? Give this recipe a shot!


Pasta Crabonara


Check out this “Crab” infused spin on the classic Pasta Carbonara dish as seen in our Vince & Joe’s Real Food Magazine

Baked Crab Cakes

Delicious jumbo lump crab meat is a sweet, high protein favorite among seafood lovers and a special treat during the holidays. This reduced calorie crab cake recipe offers all the flavor without the saturated fat. Baking these crab cakes, instead of frying, is the key to a healthier presentation.

Add just 1 teaspoon of light mayo, paired with Dijon mustard and cajun seasoning for a bit of kick. Changing to a light mayo along with skim milk and whole grain bread drops the caloric value. And by baking instead of frying these crab cakes, you have eliminated the saturated fat.