Earn Money For Your School or Eligible Non-Profit Organization!

When your non-profit organization joins the Vince & Joe’s Gourmet Market Scrip Program, 5% of scrip dollars spent by your participants goes to your organization!

How Vince & Joe’s Scrip Program Works

  • Your organization obtains Vince & Joe’s Gourmet Market Scrip Cards for distribution to your participants
  • The cards can be activated from any denomination of $20.00 to $100.00 at any Vince & Joe’s Market locations
  • Your organization will receive a 5% discount off the face value. You can sell the scrip cards at face value and your group will keep the extra 5%.

Contact one of our Scrip Card Program Coordinators

Clinton Twp.: 586.263.7870
Shelby Twp.: 586.786.9230
You can also e-mail us at infoshelby@vinceandjoes.com or infoclinton@vinceandjoes.com.