Wine Questions? We Have Wine Answers

Ever wonder what kind of wine you should pair with your meal? Or maybe what kind of craft beer will taste like your national brand favorite? What is drier a pinot or a cab? When is your favorite wine going on sale?

These are questions that get asked and answered daily in our Wine & Beer Department. At both Vince & Joe’s locations we have huge selections of local and national craft beers along with a variety of domestic and international wines. But more important than our huge selection is the fact that there is someone close by to answer your questions. And, this someone is incredibly knowledgeable in their field.

Meet Carl Brittingham (Shelby) and Matt Dzwonik, (Clinton)

Carl and Matt make sure our shelves are filled with a large variety of what our customers love. Their job is to meet with the distributors, keep shelves stocked and bring in new varietals whenever possible. And they are ready for your questions. Feel free to ask just about anything, even if you want to try a wine before you buy. And, if you don’t see what you’re looking for let them know and they will order it for you.