Spice Up Your Summer Salads

With fresh vegetables so in season during summer months you may find yourself eating more salads. And that’s not a bad thing. We all know how good it is to eat our vegetables. But if you’re tired of the same old salad, with the same old salad fixings, it’s time to mix it up and try something new beyond your lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes!

So what can you add to your salad to give it a new spin? We have a few suggestions.

Add Raw Veggies – You might think veggies like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, corn or cauliflower are better cooked than raw, but actually many are filled with more nutrients when eaten raw. Chop up in bite size pieces and any of these will mix nicely with your green salad.

Add Olives – Check out the Olive bar and mix and match your favorites. Add them whole, sliced or diced to any salad. You can even get the olive salad marinated with cheese chunks and add the whole thing.

Add Fruit – Adding fruit to a salad just adds sweetness. Slice up some fresh strawberries, pears, apples, grapes, watermelon or kiwi to easily go with any green salad. If fresh isn’t available try dried fruits or canned.

Add Nuts – Nuts of all kinds can be added to a green salad. Raw, toasted, salted or candied, nuts add another protein and density to your meal. Slice and toast some almonds or pine nuts for great results. Find nuts of all kinds in our bulk food area, pre-packaged with combination choices ready to go.

Add Eggs – Adding eggs to green salads is another way to add more protein. But did you know, eating eggs alongside vegetables helps the body to absorb the fat-soluble nutrients found in the veggies. Now we’re eating healthy!

Add Cheese – Adding cheese to any green salad not only makes it more colorful it brings your salad up two notches at least. Cheeses that crumble easy like feta, blue cheese, and goat cheese are great on salads along with shredded cheeses like mozzarella, cheddar or parmesan. For a healthier choice consider cottage cheese or gouda or a skim version.

Add Toppers – Croutons, like our homemade ones found in the bakery area, have often been the easy topper choice for salad but there are many other choices including tortilla strips, chow mein noodles, French fried onions, granola, roasted chickpeas, crispy bacon, or sunflower seeds. Vince & Joe’s has a Salad Topper Mix  you can find in the produce aisle near the lettuce bags already premixed ready to just add to any salad. Our combination is sure to be the perfect topper to your favorite salad.