5 Tips for Meal Planning

Whether you’re a mom of three busy kids, or just an individual trying to keep up with work, classes, and me time, eating on the go has become something everyone is doing. Which means planning ahead helps. Why?

Planning your meals ahead will help with many aspects of your life – even your wallet. If you can strive to plan out your meals, even just one or two weeks in advance, it can cut down on how much you’re spending, how much food you’re wasting and you may just eat healthier. Here’s our five tips to keep in mind when meal planning.

1) FILL YOUR KITCHEN Have your fridge and pantry filled with the essentials you need to create those favorite meals. Things like condiments, spices, oils, rice, and your basics like onions, garlic and potatoes. Also include having your favorite fresh fruits, fresh herbs and vegetables.

2) CHECK CALENDAR AND SALE PRICES Check your calendar for when you will be entertaining. Buying ahead will help you save. Some suggest thinking ahead at least one month. Watch for sale prices. Depending on what you’re buying, consider freezing some so you get the most out of the sale price.

3) MAKE A LIST OF MEALS AND GROCERIES NEEDED Pick one day a week – we suggest Sundays – to plan out your week’s meals. Start with what you already have in your pantry, fridge and freezer, and then plan a shopping list based on what is missing. Remember Vince & Joe’s weekly specials come out on Wednesdays. Write your grocery list based on your plan and stick to the list when at the store.

4) MEAL PREP Prep vegetables, salads and any foods you can do ahead on Sunday (planning day) to give you more time during the week when needing to prepare your meals. Having your daily meal preps ready will save you time and help you to eat healthier. You can also purchase items already cut, cleaned and ready including many vegetables, cheeses and salad fixings. Find Grab N Gos like spiraled zucchini, chopped onions, or celery sticks just to name a few, all in the produce section at Vince & Joe’s.

5) START COOKING We recommend to cook a double meal on Sunday (planning day) – or one day a week. Some find cooking that really large meal is helpful and if it’s planned just right you should be able to get two meals out of it. Try cooking a turkey, roast or smoking pork butts, if you cook more than needed for one meal you can use the extra in another meal later in the week. Be creative too and use your main course in two very different kinds of meals. A roasted chicken is great and leftovers make a fabulous chicken pot pie.

And when your meal planning needs some assistance Vince & Joe’s has those Grab N Go meals ready to be warmed up for the entire family. From breakfast quiche to wraps and subs for lunch, to full slabs of ribs for family dinners, there’s a ton of choices for those on the go. We suggest adding. Grab N Go’s to your weekly meal plan. Why not give yourself a break?