See the Blooms, Smell the Flowers

From pulling into the parking lot to walking up to our doors, these days, you’ll find pink, purple, white, yellow, and even blue flowers to brighten any day. These colorful blooms include flats of annuals, hanging planters as well as full potted flower containers ready to enjoy. We help you bring color into your outdoors at Vince and Joe’s. 

Starting in April, we work hard sourcing the best selection and most quality plants at the best prices from local Michigan growers. Our vendors provide these blooms direct so your home can look like a professional was hired.

By Mother’s Day, we are in full bloom at both Vince and Joe’s locations. Our ready-to-plant flats go fast, so we suggest you be ready. Plan out your vegetable garden too. We have many tomato plants, herbs like rosemary and basil, and more. Using fresh herbs is always what we recommend, and getting them out of the backyard makes it as fresh as can be. Plant early and enjoy on your table sooner.

Going for curb appeal? Our ready-potted containers make it super easy. They are brimming with colors and various textures, making your porch and outdoor spaces look spectacular. Choose from large, tall, wide, and even small pots in a variety of containers.

Finish off your yard with a couple of hanging plants, adding variety and height to your landscape. Shop by the end of June so you can be ready for that Fourth of July party. Plus, most of our potted plants are scattered at customers’ homes by the holiday, and our selection is gone. 

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Remember, flowers are also the best gifts. Bring a planter or hanging plant next time you are visiting a friend and see their face light up with delight.