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Virtual Wine Wednesdays Dinner

$100.00/serves 2

Only Available to Purchase through our Shelby Twp. Location

Join us for our ‘Virtual Wine Wednesdays’ Dinner on Wednesday, August 12th at 7 PM. An all-inclusive Dinner for Two + Wine!

How it works:

  1. Pick up your dinner & wine at Vince & Joe’s Gourmet Market.
  2. Go home and get set for your virtual dinner via Zoom.
  3. Log in at 7 pm with the code we provide.
  4. Enjoy your gourmet dinner and wine while featured vintner discusses these special featured vintages.

With Special Guest Michael Creager, Sommelier, Woodberry Wine


Appetizer Choice (Guest 1) *

Appetizer Choice (Guest 2) *

Salad Choice (Guest 1) *

Salad Choice (Guest 2) *

Main Course Choice (Guest 1) *

Main Course Choice (Guest 2) *

Dessert – Tropical Fruit Tart

Special Instructions

Have any special requests or allergy information we should know? Let us know here!