Bread at Vince & Joe’s: Watch It Rise

At Vince and Joe’s, one of our missions is to provide you with the best homemade products daily. And since bread is a staple in all our kitchens, we know how important it is to have fresh loaves and lots of choices. This is why we make our own breads for you every day.

Starting early in the morning, our bread bakers begin making the doughs which take hours to rise. Once ready they are shaped and baked in our bread ovens. We offer about a dozen different kinds of breads including Hearth Bread, Whole Wheat Bread, Rustic Sour Dough, Multigrain Boule and others. Plus we have ciabatta, dinner rolls, and submarine rolls. And, we didn’t even include the small batch sweet breads like walnut apple bread, zucchini walnut bread or corn bread.

What’s popular? Our plain Italian and Italian with sesame seeds is the most popular. Find the loaves already sliced, or ask to have the loaf sliced while you’re in the store.  On Wednesdays, our French Baguettes and Italian (plain or sesame) are free with a $30 purchase.

Look for other bread bakery favorites everyday like homemade breadcrumbs, croutons, and bagels. And, we also carry select local and national brands to make sure you have a variety of choices.

We suggest you take any one our breads home, slice it up and dip into some olive oil and seasonings. Enjoy.