Vince & Joe’s: Shop Local, Shop Michigan

Michigan farmers lead the nation in several crops including cucumbers, tart cherries, Niagara grapes, squash, asparagus, and black and cranberry beans. Agriculture contributes more than 105 billion annually to our state’s economy. With more than 47,500 farms covering under 10 million acres of farmland, Michigan is second to California in crop diversity.

Vince & Joe’s has been working with Michigan farmers for years, many of them local to within Macomb County or just beyond. A trip to Eastern Market every morning ensures we get the freshest and best quality local products around.

Beyond produce, many Michigan farmers raise cattle, pigs or poultry which show up in our meat counters. And, Michigan dairy farms contribute more than 15 billion each year to the state’s economy.

In Macomb County we love our Michigan tomatoes and cucumbers and other Michigan products like honey, flowers, maple syrup, and even chestnuts, all products you can find at Vince & Joe’s. Plus many grocery products including favorites like Better Made Potato Chips, Vernors soda pop, and Blake’s Hard Cider. Remember while shopping local, buy local Michigan products.