Fall Meal Prepping Done Right

Meal prepping has become a popular routine by many. Not only is it known to help with weight loss, it can also save you money on groceries, you’ll likely eat more nutritional balanced meals and there will be less food waste. So overall meal prepping is a great idea and back-to-school time is the perfect time to start again. Your kids will love their lunch boxes.

Throughout our store you’ll find some meal prep items all ready for you. These are meant to save you time and help you prep your meals quicker and easier. From cleaned and cut vegetables like celery and carrots, to spiral cut zucchini or riced cauliflower we’ve done the hard part for you making your life hopefully easier. 

Look for our roasted brussel sprouts package with all the makings for dinner ready for you, or our fajitas mix with cleaned, cut up peppers and seasonings ready to mix and cook with your protein. Another favorite, located in our salad section, is the salad topper packet with a mix of items like nuts, dried fruits and seeds, ready to add to your salad giving it crunch, sweetness and life.